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Steeped in a rich history, Broadmoor Garage has been an automotive cornerstone in Shreveport since 1955, marking 68 years of unparalleled service and commitment to the community. Initially standing as Williams Garage in 1939, our location has witnessed the evolution of auto repair, and we’ve been at the forefront of that change.

The torch of leadership and dedication was first carried by Roy Osborne, who acquired the business in 1955 and named it Broadmoor Garage. Over the years, this establishment expanded, growing both in size and reputation. Roy’s legacy was carried forward by Scotty and Steve Osborne. Their passion and dedication to the trade saw further expansions, from converting parts of the establishment to repair bays, to the transformation of the storage area into the welcoming front office many know today.

It’s worth noting the significant milestones that dot our timeline: the prestigious BBB Torch Award in 2009, our support for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, the numerous accolades we’ve earned, and the commendable tenure of many of our staff members who’ve contributed decades of service. In 2021, the baton of leadership was passed to Alex Tapia, a visionary with a profound understanding of the auto repair business. Alex’s journey began with a simple yet profound desire: to be a part of a team focused on growth, knowledge, and uplifting lives. Today, under Alex’s guidance, Broadmoor Garage continues to embody those ideals.

What sets us apart, beyond our technical expertise, is our core philosophy. We believe that work is a precious gift, a means to enrich lives. Every service, every interaction, is a reflection of this belief. We strive not just to repair vehicles, but to uplift the spirits of those we serve, always recognizing the immense value each individual brings.

Our commitment to excellence is cemented by the industry-leading 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty we offer. With a combined experience spanning 178 years, our team of seasoned professionals stands ready to tackle any automotive challenge. Beyond the tools and parts, we offer additional services like complimentary shuttles for the convenience of our valued customers.

Always evolving, always growing, we’re on a continuous hunt for individuals who share our vision and passion. If you’re looking to be part of a team that truly values innovation and care, we welcome you to reach out.

At Broadmoor Garage, we promise more than just impeccable auto repair in Shreveport, LA – we promise a legacy of care, community, and commitment. Schedule your appointment and become a part of our enduring story.

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